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Lead Veterinarian, Owner

Janice Posnikoff, DVM

Dr. Janice Posnikoff has over 25 years experience as a highly respected equine veterinarian, primarily as owner and principal vet at Orange County Equine Veterinary Services, in Orange County, California, where she served many long-term clients throughout that region. She now brings her expertise in sport horse medicine to the Okanagan Valley and is sincerely grateful to accept the reins from Dr. Sheila McDonald as the owner and lead veterinarian of Okanagan Equine Vet Services.

She looks forward to to serving you, the horse community of the Valley.

Dr. Posnikoff’s career has been devoted to sport horse medicine focusing on lameness, imaging (x-ray and ultrasound), dentistry, minor surgery and podiatry. The majority her clientele has been from the Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Western Pleasure, barrel racing, competitive trail, gaited horse breeds, miniature horse and pleasure horses disciplines.

Originally from Manitoba and starting her veterinary journey with mentor Dr. Rex Leach, Dr. Posnikoff graduated from Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM), University of Saskatchewan in 1994.

After completing a one year internship at Chino Valley Equine Hospital in Chino, CA, Dr. Posnikoff worked as an Associate at an ambulatory equine practice in Orange County, California for five years, then went on to purchase and develop her own practice - Orange County Equine Veterinary Services - which she lead and grew for 15 years and successfully sold.

Following California, she moved to Maryland horse country, before returning to her home province of Manitoba to practice at Elders Equine Vet Services for three years.

Over her career Dr. Posnikoff has formed close working relationships with outstanding referral practices, equine surgeons, radiologists, internal medicine specialists, trainers, competitors and breeders throughout North America and Europe.

Dedicated to be at the forefront of contemporary techniques, she recently completed advanced equine dentistry courses and ISELP (International Society of Equine Locomotion and Pathology) modules taught by the world’s greatest equine lameness instructors and clinicians, along with yearly equine continuing education offered through the AAEP and other associations.

Dr. Posnikoff is also author of a series of articles for Horse Illustrated and co-author of the popular book Horses for Dummies.

She is an active member of the equine community, enjoys keeping clients informed of the latest in equine health, and has given many presentations on equine medicine and health.

A personal highlight and one of her finest professional achievements is Wester’s Aikema’s Nico. A little 14.3 Welsh fancy imported German pony, who at first no one could ride. With her team-partner Dory Breneman, a professional dressage trainer, Dr. Posnikoff successfully brought Nico up from 2nd level to Grand Prix dressage in southern California. A journey which shaped Dr. Posnikoff’s career.

Associate Veterinarian

Troy Looper, DVM

Dr. Looper grew up on a ranch in Colorado where his family raised horses, cattle, and sheep. Following his veterinary training at Colorado State University, he spent a year interning in California specializing in the treatment of sport horses. He then moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he was an associate and became an equine practice owner, working with racehorses, western competition horses and show horses. During this time, he competed in cutting and the interesting sport of cowboy mounted shooting. He has also raised Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, and Appaloosas.

After 15 years in Arizona Dr. Looper moved to Minnesota, again working with racing, show and rodeo horses, at the same time also practiced in New York, Florida, and New Mexico. He has developed an extensive line of equine supplements (see “In The Loop” website) with the hopes of bringing them to Canada. In 2012 Dr. Looper and his family decided Kelowna is where they would like to settle down and purchased a small farm in Southeast Kelowna.

Throughout his career Dr. Looper has focused mainly on sports medicine although he is interested to learn more about equine reproduction and surgery. He has a strong interest in alternative therapies, is trained in acupuncture, head/ neck chiropractic treatments, ozone treatments, energy medicine, laser, and shockwave therapies. He has extensively used regenerative therapies including PRP, IRAP, and stem cell treatments. Proficient in dentistry, Dr. Looper understands the benefits that a comfortable and balanced mouth can provide for the performance horse. Outside of work, Dr. Looper enjoys fishing, hiking, snowboarding, travel, and of course riding.

Veterinary Assistants

Veterinary Assistant

Samantha Earl

Born and raised in Kelowna, Samantha is currently pursuing nursing studies at UBCO while maintaining her lifelong passion for horses. Her journey into the veterinary field began at 14, volunteering at a rescue ranch, and her affinity for equine care blossomed from there. Working with horses isn't just a job for Samantha; it's a calling rooted in her desire to heal and nurture these magnificent animals. What excites her most is being a part of their healing journey and witnessing the tangible results of their care.

Beyond her equine pursuits, Samantha leads an active outdoor life, camping, dirt biking, and Western-style horse riding (both leisurely rides and cattle work). Her off-duty hours are also enriched by her young border collie and their agility classes.

Veterinary Assistant

Alex Caldwell

Meet Alex, a Veterinary Assistant at Okanagan Equine Veterinary Services since August 2023. With roots in assisting at a standardbred stable in Southern Ontario, Alex holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from UBCO and has been in Kelowna since 2013.

Driven by a lifelong passion for animals, Alex aims to become a veterinarian and has already submitted his application for the upcoming year. Beyond work, he embraces outdoor activities like skiing, biking, and fishing, often accompanied by his loyal companion, Pearl, his beloved dog.

Veterinary Assistant

Molly Hurdle

Molly joined the team on October 10, 2023. Originally from Ontario, Molly holds a certification in Front Office Administration/Veterinary Assistant from the University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus. In 2021, Molly and her husband decided to make the Okanagan their home. Molly's passion for animals has been a lifelong journey, transitioning from working in animal welfare to the veterinary field. Her pivotal moment came when she worked at a Humane Society, witnessing the joy of nursing sick and mistreated animals back to health. Beyond her professional life, Molly is a family woman, sharing her home with her husband and a furry bunch comprising three dogs—Clyde, Booner, and Dallas—and a cat named Oreo. Molly is currently pursuing her Registered Veterinary Technician Diploma.